Registering for RAFAC.UK services (both free and premium) is generally a two stage process. This process helps to ensure that accounts are only setup for those authorised to request them and helps to minimise back office processing - making us more efficient.

Please Note: If you are applying for a discounted individual staff account or a free project account for use as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme you only need to complete Stage 1. Please enter the name of your unit in the 'Notes/ Additional Information' box at the bottom of the checkout screen. We'll email your Officer Commanding to verify your entitlement before we setup your account.


Stage 1

You will need to request your selected package via our account management portal. This effectively tells our server that you'd like to start using the RAFAC.UK service.

To complete stage 1 please click here.


Stage 2

Secondly, you will need to complete a short form that tells us a little more about you and your unit.

To complete stage 2 please click here.


What happens next?

Once you have completed both stages your application will be sent to our admin team for review. Your application will be manually reviewed and an email sent to the BADER account you specified at stage 2, this helps us to ensure that we're only activating accounts for those authorised to request them. Once a response has been received we'll activate your account and you're ready to get started.

If you need assistance we'd suggest you start by reading our FAQ section. If after consulting FAQ you still have a question please feel free to get in touch and we'll try to help out as best we can.